Medvind: The Wind of Change for City Bikers!

It all began with our passion for cycling. We were in search of a way to extend the cycling season, a quest for gear that would be efficient, stylish, and above all, weatherproof, whether the sun was shining or the rain was falling.

Our journey took us through stormy rides, in pursuit of the perfect gear that could offer us protection without compromising our style. But we were left disappointed – on the market, we found nothing that met our requirements. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

The result? Our very first jacket, which not only thrilled us but also resonated with our like-minded friends. However, we didn't stop there. We refined and perfected our design to ensure it becomes just as indispensable for every city biker out there as it was for us.

But we're not resting on our laurels. At Medvind, we are champions of change, refusing to be deterred by those who say it can't be done. Because we firmly believe that cycling has the potential to improve our cities – fewer cars, more fun, and fresher air for all.

Stay tuned! Medvind will soon be launching even more products to promote year-round cycling. We are ready to bring the wind of change to the world of city biking. Join us and be part of the revolution.

The founders

Philine: After a few years in the startup industry, it was time to develop my own product that fulfilled a clear need. Medvind is a small, owner-managed brand whose mission is to make life easier for cyclists and to transform fair-weather cyclists into all-weather heroes.

Clemens: As an original Swede and German by choice, Clemens is a big fan of functional outdoor clothing combined with style. What started as a hobby and passion is now a product ready for sale. The dream is to encourage more people to cycle and thus reduce car traffic. We believe in this vision. One jacket at a time.

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